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DixieNet Communications Voice Features

New! Voice Mail
Never miss a call again. Add it to any line for only $5.95 per month.
Anonymous Call Rejection
Automatically rejects calls from those who have suppressed their identity.
Automatic Call Back
Caller ID on Call Waiting
See who is calling, even if you are already using the line.
Toll Restriction
This setting will prevent you from making long-distance calls that you don't want to make.
Selective Distinctive Ringing / Call Waiting
Assign individual ringtones to your favorite callers so that you'll know who is on the other end of the line, even before you pick up the phone! Works with Call Waiting as well.
Speed Dialing 8 / 30 /38
Store and code 8, 30, or 38 frequently dialed numbers directly on our network.
Selective Call Rejection
Block calls from certain numbers that you can define.
Selective Call Forwarding
Forward certain numbers that you define to other numbers.
Selective Call Acceptance
This is the opposite of Selective Call Rejection. This feature denies all calls from numbers except for those that you want to have contact you.